A next-generation CMS is coming!

Soon, we'll be introducing you to a whole new kind of Content Management System.
Carbon CMS will be a next-generation CMS system, with lots of innovative features. Our product allows anyone to easily create an astonishing website of any kind, and is fully customizable. And all of this is possible, while remaining top-notch security, user-friendliness and performance. Be prepared!  —  Tim Visée  —  Founder

Comparing a supercar to a pram

Welcome to the Carbon CMS landing page.

"Unfortunately Carbon CMS hasn't been released yet, and I'm not able to do so, since I'm not finished yet. Until then this page will be shown, and you'll be able to find all the latest and greatest information about our product on this website.
I'm currently working alone on the project, and I'm working very hard to try to release it as soon as possible. A preview should become available before the official release.
Carbon CMS will be filled with lots of features and is ready to be used for any type of website. The product is fully customizable and allows anyone to modify any aspect of their website with the push of a button.
One of the greatest I can tell you already is possibly that our product will be completely free for non-commercial usage. I'll probably be asking a little fee for commercially used instances of the system, although I haven't decided anything yet.
There's one great thing that I can promise you already, when comparing Carbon CMS to other systems out there, it feels like comparing a supercar to a pram."
// Tim Visée — Founder

Yes, we're featuring that

Carbon CMS will be a complete package for any kind of website, filled with lots of great features together with the latest and greatest web technologies baked right into the system. Since we're still working hard on Carbon CMS to get it released as soon as possible, we can't show you a complete, detailed list of features our product will include. In fact, we'll only confirm just a few of them. One of the greatest features will be the extremely innovative module/plugin system Carbon CMS includes, it allows you to change any aspect of your website very easily, with a click on a button which makes our product perfect for any type of website.
Make sure to visit the Features page for the latest news and information about included features.

A peek through a keyhole

Our product isn't finished yet, thus it isn't available to the public at this time. We're working really hard on trying to finish Carbon CMS as soon as possible, so everyone on the world can experience a true next-generation CMS system, for free.
Please check out the Preview page to find the latest information about the Carbon CMS preview as soon as it's available.

Let's keep in touch!

Let's stay in contact from now on. Make sure to send us a message if you have any questions, idea's or if you just want to say hi, and we'll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. You can find us on Facebook and Google+ too, just like you. Feel free to like and follow us, to show us some love, and also to receive the latest news and updates about Carbon CMS. We'd love to see what people think about our product, and what they don't like about it.

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